What is Guest post Blogging? Why are they important?

Guest post Blogging

Guest Post Blogging is one of the easiest and best way to generate leads.

How let’s learn?

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We will learn each step how it is important factors for not only leads generation but also to generate more traffic.

Guest Post Blogging Review

Guest Post is an article written and posted on someone else’s blog.

When you write something on your blog it is “Post”, But when you write on someone else’s blog you are “Guest”.

Guest post are a valuable tools for good reputation marketing for a number of reasons just like getting your brand mentioned or occupying branded search query results.

But most of the people embed them for Backlinks.

If you are an Author(That’s what a guest posting called) then you’re doing it both Get the word out and linking back to one of your own web properties.

Important things to remember about Guest-Post

  • Guest posts must be well-written. Search engines are beginning to get choosy, people too.
  • They need to be on-topic. People want to read them to get maximum value.
  • People should share them i social media, sharing increases Readership.
  • Outbound links must be helpful and relevant to the article. It will help readers to get access to all of your Anchor Texts.
  • Don’t Post on sites that clearly post a lot of guest content because the links are pretty useless.

Who can write a guest-post

Almost anyone can write an guest post, but few can write a really good one that goes viral.

You can’t just write a blog post that goes “Viral”.

But It does not need to go viral, instead it has to be helpful, well-written and on-topic to generate traffic and link juice over time.

A Good Guest post is on-topic, relevant and can be of Various length.

Most Guest posts are written in 500 to 1000 words But folk like Neilpatel say that a posts should be more than 2500 words.

It’s better if you hire any professional content writer and pay in return.

Headline Ideas for Guest Posts

Common Blog/guest post headlines include the following ideas. These are meant to be the seed for your Headline Creativity.

  • What is..
  • How to..
  • How to cancel..
  • Examples of..
  • Best examples of..
  • How to use..
  • Alternatives to..
  • [Process] templates..
  • [Product] vs ..
  • How to fix..
  • Benefits of..
  • How to integrate..
  • Tips for..

Examples of Guest Post Allowing Websites.

There are a few Examples where you can Similary post as Guest and earn backlink from them.

  1. Medium.com
  2. Kushitraders.org
  3. Newsdeskblog.com

Many More will be updated.

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