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Shared Hosting Review-When you make a decision to start your website when and How?, It is also important for you to choose the recommended plan best for your business and your budget-friendly.

shared hosting

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you make whether it is Ecommerce, Blogs etc.

So, to make it easier many Hostings providers Launch Shared Hosting Plans.

Oh Ya, You Heard it!

Frequently asked questions by my Friendly visitors!

Shared Hosting is a web hostings platform where you share your space of your website with other website owner’s in a same server.

In This Hosting solution, Your hosting account is one of many other accounts on server, or a group of servers, that are maintained by a Hosting Provider.

If you are new to hostings and watching your budget, Shared hosting might be a good to start.

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Determining If shared Hosting if right for you!

In General, the daily traffic to a small Business websites doesn’t exceed more than 2,0000 visitors.

This means small business websites typically don’t required a lot of Bandwidth or resources to support them.

In Addition, newer small business websites tend to be more simple and straightforward, with fewer website files and data.

Which in-turn, means they often do not require a lot of server space or other resources.

By sharing a hosting server with others, sharing solutions allow you to get your small business website the power and space it needs, at much a lower cost than a dedicated solution.

Downsides and upsides

The downside is Potential Website instability, as your site shares CPU resources with other websites. For example- If you are sharing a server and one of the sites has a traffic spike, your pages might load slowly, or not at all. But still, It is a super-affordable way to get your site up and running.

Upside is that Shared hosting is extremly wallet friendly, you can host a website on a shared server under $10 per month in most cases.

Best Shared Hosting Service providers

Similarly, there are many Hostings companies who provide shared hostings with best features and to my recommendations I choose only 5 of them. They are.


Bluehost is one of the top web hosting providers for a long time. Through their services and supports, they have gained millions of customers today.

Currently, their plans basic starts at $3.95/month with 50 GB SSD for creating more range of contents for Blog websites.

This plan is usually for all beginners small business websites not exceeding more than 2,000 monthly traffic.

Shared Hosting


Hostwind is also one of the best Hosting providers among others. But the best thing about Hostwind is that they provide Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk space which is more for small business websites, but it is a very useful and benefit able plan for all experienced websites.

Currently. their plan starts at $ 5.24/month as mentioned above unlimited bandwidth and disk space for Big business websites.

shared hosting


Dreamhost is the best cloud hosting provider among all other cloud hosting providers, they are capable of handling small business websites to large business websites and provide the best customer service in building online businesses or websites.

Over, 1.5 million website choose Dreamhost, Not because of their cheap price and popularity, but it acts as an pro-fast, secure for a small business startups.

Currently, their plan starts at $3.9/month with unlimited websites, free domains, and fast SSD Storage.


Many of them have heard about Hostinger,

Hostinger is one of the cheapest and best web hosting providers compared to all web hosting companies

They usually hosts a website at a very cheap price for a small website

Currently, their plan starts at $2.19/month hosting 100 websites with unlimited bandwidth and many more.


Milesweb is one of the fastest growing web hosting companies established in india in 2012.

Their aim was only to provide best quality services at affordable prices. And there are more than 20,000 happy customers as of now.

Currently, their plans starts at Rs.40/month which is the newest and cheapest price provider above all.


To know better about shared hosting few Frequently asked questions by Beloved customersWhat is the purpose of Shared Hosting?

The main purpose is that they provide multiple websites on the same server and their only intentions are that they provide what a small business website needs to get to the roof.

It actually provides exact resources and bandwidth what a small business website requires.

And by hosting this Server, they provide cheap prize for this kind of plans.

On a shared hosting how many websites can use the same IP

Depending on web hosting services, upto 400 to 450 websites can be hosted and many more.

Which is the best and cheapest shared hosting provider in 2021

Bluehost is the best and cheapest Shared hosting provider for all small business websites in 2021. Bluehost provides best service as well as complete guide to start a new website.

What are the differences between web hosting and shared hosting

Web hosting is a hosting companies which provides space for creating website in the internet. And by simply connecting computer to the internet, you can access to website and Web hosting services.

Shared Hostings are a plans that comes under web hosting which shares multiple website with the same server, for cheap prize and provides only required resources and bandwidth for small business websites.

What’s the best shared hosting service for a small low-traffic site

You are owning a small business website and small traffic to your website, this means you need only a required resources and bandwidth for your business sales or revenue income.

So I recommend you to choose Bluehost, because bluehost will take an actionable responsibility to keep you business fast and secure and best quality services that requires for owning or maintaining a business.

At what point would you move a website from shared hosting to cloud hosting

Once your business starts to grow from one point of business to another point of business, you can move your website from shared hosting to Cloud hosting.

Because once your website starts to grow, it requires more number of resources and bandwidth for accessing by millions of customers or visitors.

If you fail to move when the number of traffic increases on your website, then you will face a technical glitch at the traffic that slows down your website pages and posts- And finally results as you know your website’s traffic goes downwards and affects your business.

Final review

I would like to give an example for shared-hostings:

You are renting an flat in an apartment or society where you are shared with parkings, pools, Flats with the same society.

This is what sharing of hosting is where you share your data in the same server.

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