What is SSL Certificates? How is it useful for website?

Are you an website owner? Feeling unsecure while online business? A few questions were asked on quora about, What is SSL Certificates? How is it useful for website? Let’s Begin Now?

Starting an online business is not easy as well as its maintaining its core and developing is very difficult. But, in order to grow yourself, you should act and implement each and every step. So, I would like to provide few details of SSL Certificates as below which plays a major secures for online business. For instance, this helps you get your website protected in all aspects.

What is SSL Certificates?How is it useful for website?

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SSL Certificates is a Standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client-typically a web server and a browser and a client. However, these Certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. An SSL Certificates is a data file hosted in a website origin server. In other words, SSL Certificates are what make a website secure for all activities including streaming, Hence, play a very important role in doing online business.


1.Secure Online Shopping

Buying and selling of goods online is what now trending and plays a prominent role in helping economic growth and other marketing activities. All purchases of goods and services by a consumer is online now because they feel they don’t want to waste time going out. And searching for the best products and roaming here and there makes them feel unhappy. Now all they do is shop online. And therefore, online shoppers without a SSL Certificates on their website cannot exchange payments.

Data sharing and others So, here SSL Certificates is very useful for user and a web server too. For Examples, An House wife looks to Buy the Best woman clothing which can order right away and in a limited period of time they get delivered, for instance.

2.Secured Card details-

Firstly, there are many Fraudelents online who are able to find unsecured websites and stole users’ data which is unsafe, Secondly, they can make online money transactions using credit card numbers without any user’s notice. That is why SSL Certificates enable the restoration of Credit card data and other data’s between a web server(Website) and a user. Even a top processor mobile also can’t resist this type of fraudulent. So having an SSL Certificate secured website is always the best way to do online business.

3.Online Data Trasfer

SSL Certificates also provides secure data transfer securely through online which maybe of business data or personal data like documents sharing, Project Data,Important notes and many more. This is another way where SSL provides Online data transfer very securely.

4.Secure Private Browsing-

Seeing that nowadays private browsing is very much happening in terms of work from home jobs, Documents uploading, Company website secure login, etc.

This kind of private browsing is very much important because lots of business people browse crores of revenues through Company websites which is very much important.

5. Social Media Logins-

Social media is the fastest growing social networks interms of sales, courses learning, Product promotion, Business launch, gaming, news, entertainment, sports and many more with secure browsing, Therefore, it is possible to keep your logins very safe. But, if your website is unsecure then online frauders can easily access your website and logins which gives them access to your private data which leads you to a critical situation.

Best Uses of SSL Certificates:

1.Helps in Ranking in Google

If your website products or services are not secure then google will never rank your website in Google first page which means your website is unsecure. So, with a secure website and best service review it is great way to grow your audience and engagements from customers to your websites. Therefore, as we all know that Google ranking is the more important for business growth learn more about how to grow it by getting more traffic on your website.

2.Customer Relationship

With secure online services, your customers are very happy, their data is safe with you, happy with your products- A great way to grow your business and audience for further level. Because SSL Certificates play a very big role in customer relationship building online.


Here you will get trust from customers, Trust is not only 5 words, it is an achievement all the steps you have gone through from scratch to this level is not a small thing it is an achievement in your life and a success on your journey. So, Keep your users trust always and not to waste on simple things. Provide more services rather than promoting products, goods this will make them come back again for more.

4.Secure Online Course-

the Nowadays Online courses are been made by all institute for 1st to graduation students due to covid-19, which is more important for student to learn from home and without a secure website or link how to teach the course. Because, they are some fraudsters who are ready for these things and they hack every user’s data and stoles money unknowingly. So Secure website coursing is mandatory as it involves life and wealth on the line.

5. Managing secure payments-

SSL Manages all payments securely for all online goods and service purchases, Data transfers, Social logins privately within a web server and the users. This helps users build a good experience with the services of the company and feel safe to have relationships with them for further online business growth. Therefore, managing payments includes Credit card numbers that are linked to any UPI that can be hacked by online fraudsters.

Is SSL Certificate free?

No there is no Free SSL Certificate for the website but you can buy the cheapest SSL Certificates in COMODO.

The best way to get free SSL Certificate for 1 year is to start your website with a new domain or transfer your Domain into below Best Web-hosting service-

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In fact, with the best web hosting platform and Freelance Services, you can grow a large number of customers’ interests and revenue growth. One of the main uses for securing a website is for growing traffic which can only enable by google rankings, So it is mandatory to secure your website for all marketing and courses.

Few Knowledge base questions and answers for all readers?

How do certificates work SSL?

The web server sends the browser/server a copy of its SSL certificate. The browser/server checks to see whether or not it trusts the SSL certificate. However, the web server sends back a digitally signed acknowledgment to start an SSL encrypted session. So, Encrypted data is shared between the browser/server and the webserver.

What is purpose of SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. Therefore, these certificates communicate to the client that the web service host demonstrated ownership of the domain to the certificate authority at the time of certificate issuance, for instance.

What happens if you dont have an SSL certificate?

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, your website may still function as always, but it will be vulnerable to hackers and Google will warn visitors that your website is not secure. In other words, Google also gives priority to websites that have an SSL certificate.

Is SSL necessary for email?

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides encryption for TCP/IP connections as they transit the Internet and local networks between a client and a serve. For these reasons, I strongly recommend that you use SSL-enabled connections for sending and receiving email, not just on your iPhone, but on all devices, for instance.

Why did SSL certificate require in HTTP?

The primary reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it. Because, when an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to.

Why do SSL certificates cost money?

In short, you’re paying for the trust, not the actual encryption. Anyone with the appropriate software, which is widely available for free. So, can create their own certificate that provides encryption.

Can I use https without SSL certificate?

You CAN’T use HTTPS without any certificate. You need either to buy a trusted certificate or create a self-signed one for testing. Part of configuring your webserver to use HTTPS is to point it to the correct key files. Therefore, this applies to all web servers not only to it.

Are there free SSL certificates?

Free SSL certificates come free as they’re issued by non-profit certificate authorities. Let’s Encrypt, a leading non-profit CA provides SSL/TLS certificates for free. Similarly, their purpose is to encrypt the entire web to the extent that HTTPS becomes the norm.

Specifically, we have come to know how it is important to have SSL installed in all website for safe and secure online business including Social Media networks.

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