What are WordPress plugins? Updated on March 2021

WordPress plugins are extra pieces of the software that you install to add extra features and functions to your WordPress site.

They allow you to go beyond what a basic WordPress installation has to offer.

In other words, WordPress plugins are very like phone on factory setting.

It has a number of things pre-installed which are very valuable and cover the core of what a phone need.

But often, you need more. Periodically, you want things that are specifically useful for you.

And to do that, you install the apps you like and need compulsorily. With WordPress, plugins are those extra apps that you install to be able to do all kinds of different things. They allow you to use WordPress to its full and most customized potential.

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How do wordpress Plugins work?

Plugins are just like softwares made by wordpress experts or by wordpress organization. they tend to follow the categories and launch softwares that are better than before.

By installing a plugin, you are responsible for maintaining it and if unessary plugins are installed, your website loads slowly and affects your google rankings.

Types of plugins?

WordPress plugins offers two types of plugins. And they as:

1. Premium plugins

Plugins which you Buy or Purchase within wordpress.org dashboard which gives you more upgradable and more features in building eCommerce or Blogging features with extra benefits. Primarily, you have to pay monthly or annually to continue the benefits just like recurring payments.

2. Free WordPress plugins

Plugins that are free and downloaded through WordPress dashboard or wordpress.org are called free plugins. In this free membership, you will only get free features available and if found that having an extra feature with the paid version or pro version then you can buy or purchase directly through your different mode of payments.

How many plugins are there in wordpress?

There are over 50,000+ wordpress plugins in wordpress dashboard.

And above that there are many otherplugins from Different sources which are called paid versions.

Themes Customizations

Tell me the best and popular free and responsive theme for your Website, it’s Astra. It has so many in-built templates or ready-made websites created by Elementor Page Builder and Ultimate Addons by Elementor.

wordpress plugins

These 2 plugins are best to create beautiful and responsive website and Customizable too.

Improves Security system

As mentioned above, Plugins are software that provides Additional supports and features for improving your website and Securing is one of them.

Install a plugin that has an SSL Certificates label or plugin name which keeps your website secure between your business and customers just like Payment details and customers details. This is a must-use mainly for Ecommerce business or Selling platforms like courses. for instance.

Choosing from WordPress directories

Sometimes not every time, choosing the wrong plugin could cause an error on your site and slow down intentionally and also introduce malicious code.

This issue is just like a Mobile data hacking application and also uses more of your data. And slowing down devices which leads your hangings and virus attacks. So installing the wrong plugins also affects your business.

Must-use plugins for wordpress

When you are owning an online business, We must prevent it with technical issues with technical supports and sometimes ourselves.

But How?.. For this reasons there are some Must-use Plugins for wordpress.

  • Rank Math or Yoast SEO for SEO Optimization.
  • Elementor page builder for website Customization.
  • Google site-kit for Analyzing Website Traffic.
  • Jetpack for Automatic website Data-backups.
  • Smart slider for creating Slides in homepages. Etc.

Optimizing for On-page SEO

Use plugins which helps you in improving posts for readability and SEO friendly for all search results,

Plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank math helps you in writing SEO content for customizing in search results.

But, I recommend you to use YOAST SEO plugin as this is very much easy to use and customizing.


If you found any post not useful and if it is already been shown search results,

then there is a possibility of redirecting the old URL to the new URL by the easy redirection manager. This helps in improving performance as well as customer experience which can only be done by installing the Redirection manager plugin. Hence, Plugins also helps in performance upgrade which also leads customers to stay in our website for a long time.

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